Shinji Yamashitaのアート(SYアート)は、主に日本の伝統的な建築や彫刻をモチーフにしています。 SYアートの基本テーマは「守護神」であり、独自の視点からユニークなタッチで創造されています。


The harmonized product with Shinji Yamashita’s art (SY's art) and Japanese traditional paper, SY's art has motif of representing Japanese traditional architectures or sculptures. A basic theme of Yamashita's art is "guardian deity." Yamashita's art are differentiated, created with unique touch from the original viewpoint.

SY's art the combination of the rare japnese trditional paper manufactured by completely handmade and SY's art with the original taste, can deliver differentiated benefits. SY's art  with the theme of the guardian deity could generate some spiritual effects such as peace of mind, joy, healing and comfortableness for customers as intangible benefits.